Index of Devoran WW1 names

Devoran First World War casualty surnames 

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On the 100th anniversary of each casualty, throughout 2014-19 an updated blog post has been added marking the centenary of their death – these can be found month by month on the right of this page on the Monthly Archive menu.

The Devoran Roll of Honour lists all the Devoran parish men who served  including the above casualties. These names have been transcribed  from the scroll in the Village Hall. A missing lost draft panel from 1914 to 1916/17 was found wedged in the back of the Roll of Honour during paper conservation.

The Devoran WW1 and WW2 names are in the process of being listed on Martin Edwards’ Roll of Honour website of UK war memorial listings.

Missing Names and Devoran Connections

Adding  missing WW1 names  and a WW1 marriage (mentioned in Elizabeth Hotten’s book, below) are covered in this blog post. The names of Percy Sweet and  William J Hoyle were added to Devoran war memorial in 2014.

Other Devoran related casualties, including two with Canadian links,  include Edgar Frances Medley

and John Rubley Davies.  


A little more about Devoran in WW1

Read our blog post on Life in Devoran in WW1, including more on several Devoran women who served in WW1.

There is more about Devoran in WW1 culled from parish magazines in Elizabeth Hotten’s Cornwall at War  (History Press, 2008) and from the 2002 Historic Cornwall pdf report, mentioned on the WW2 page. 

Mark Norris and Bob Richards, Devoran War Memorial Project 2013 – 2019




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