William Donald Pascoe

William Donald Pascoe

I was born in Feock parish in October 1896, the eldest of four children born to William Williams Pascoe and Alice Mary. My three younger siblings were Netta May, born in 1899 Llewellyn Maxwell born in 1900 and Lillian Annie, born in 1901.

We lived in Lemon Street or Market Street as it is known today.

My father was village postman and he was originally from St. Agnes. Mother was originally from St. Gluvias. Her maiden name was Dingle.

When I was old enough, I got a job as a newsboy, but later got a job as an apprentice with W. Visick & Sons just along the road at Perranarworthal.

The three oldest of us children all played our part in the war.

I joined the 13th Reserve Battery of the Royal Field Artillery, Netta May became a Land Girl and Llewelyn Maxwell joined the Royal Navy.

I was taken ill while still on home service and died of Cerebro-Spinal Fever on 20th April 1915.

My younger brother Llewellyn survived the war and came back home. He carried on with a career in the navy and moved over to Perranporth for some years. He died in 1982.

Lillian married a postman, John Standford and they lived for many years in London.

The desire to come back to Devoran and the family home in Market Street was always there and the family are all remembered on the family grave in Devoran Churchyard.

There are the names of my father, William Williams Pascoe who died on 12th January 1926, aged 59, my mother, Alice Mary, who died on 24th February 1958 at the age of 84. My name is there as well and Lilian Annie, who died at the age of 89 on 12th May 1990.


The Pascoe family grave, Devoran churchyard April 2015 (Image: Mark Norris)


Written by Bob Richards for the 1st July centenary 2016 in Devoran Village Hall.

Read more about William Donald Pascoe and the other names on the Devoran War Memorial:





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