Arthur Sanders and the sinking of the Royal Edward: an eyewitness account

An eye witness account of the sinking of the troopship Royal Edward sunk on route to Gallipoli, when Edwin Marshall of Devoran and many other Cornish servicemen drowned, 13 August 1915

GM 1914

Arthur Sanders' Diary

Friday August 13th 1915
About 9.30 am we passed H.M.I. “Royal Edward” and at 9.45 am we received a message by wireless to say that she had been torpedoed, so we put back to her assistance arriving on the scene about 11 am where we remained until 3 pm picking up the survivors. What a scene it was there were boats right way, wrong way up rafts, wreckage of all kinds, barrels, hatch covers, etc, some even clinging to oars, some swimming. Poor mortals they had not much chance to prepare to leave their ship as she went down well inside five minutes. In one case we got about seven or eight men off a boat which had floated keel uppermost & when we got them alongside, they said they were two men underneath, we thought their wits had left them as they seemed scared. Well we got a line…

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